Tim Leith born in 1974 grew up in Torquay went to work as an apprentice carenter. His childhood was very interesting. His grandperents were really good to him, his granny loved him lots and played heaps of games with him, his pa tought him how to bild things and took him fishing and shooting.

He played footy, basketball, cricket, tennis, squash, surfing, skating, speed skating and snowboarding. He went to school at geelong teck. His most favrite memories are bing at Torquay beach with friends.

My dad left school at the age of 15 to become a carpenter, he played lots of footy in Victoria and Queensland and also trained in martial arts and joined the army in 1995 and became a marshine gunner and perrtrooper, he got out in 1999 and continued martial arts training and retains the rank of black belt. He worked as a concreter from 1999 until 2013 when his body stuffed up. Now he has his own bisniss as Torquay mowing and matainence and loves his family to death and they are the most inportent things in the world.


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