Big idea reflection

I think my sharing session went well, we had a video but Kiaras ipad went flat so we had to do it live.                                                                               What went well was that some people were listening and giving great feed back.                       What we could improve on is being more organised and plan out what to do in our work shop, and make shore our iPad is fully charged.                                                                                 The most interesting thing about my learning is how many wars Australia has been involved.                                                                               I used my investigation time wisely in most sessions but some times I get distracted.

Seed creative writing

My seed is about a Taylor Swfit concert 

I sit in my seat, my eyes drown to the stage. I get all exited when Taylor hits the stage. Everyone was singing to all her songs. Every time when she comes out with a new dress or costume a turn to my mum and say, ” I love that outfit she’s wearing.” My ears start ringing after all the girls screaming. When the concert was over I felt a bit disappointed. As we walk through the. Crowds and further away from the concert I thought to my self how amazing that concert was and surprising and exiting all at the same time. After all I had a great time.

Book reviews

Rudie Nudie 

Rudie Nudie was written and illustrated by Emma Quay.                            This book is about having fun, being kids, and being NUDIE!                   What I like about this book is that it is funny and happy, it shows the characters having a good time, having the best time of their life’s.  The characters are a little boy and girl and their mum.

Amy & Louis 

This book was written by Libby Gleeson and illustrated by Freya Blackwood. this book to me is about friendship and kindness. To me the book is telling me that know matter how far away you are, your not alone, someone is all ways with you in you hart.





Book review     

my good fit book is called Neville the devil.                 Neville the devil is about three kids. They’re names are Pete, Jiggy and Angie. They go on the wrong holiday, Jiggy has a feeling that something bad will happen. How right he is. An old enemy is pulling their strings, making them dance to his dunes. 

Who was the story about?

The story a boy called Jiggy and his family and friends.

What was your favourite part of the book?

My favourite part was when they’d made their accommodation they got trapped in their own stuffy apartment.

Who is/are the main characters?

Jiggy, Pete and Angie.

What happens to them in the story?

They get locked in their apartment.