In literacy I think I should of done a more challenging story because I knew lots of the genesis story before we did creation stories.    

I think mild was a bit easer for me then I expected.

I chose mild because I felt that I should start with something easer then go to something more challenging. 

Bethany has been involved with the woman’s sports foundation, fair fonds, jewel girls program, walking on water, life without limbs, holidays with purpose and Christian surfers. Bethany has teamed up with BYOU and has made a two week campaign to raise money for her new foundation called friends of Bethany. It’s to support shark attack survivers to inspir people about her life story. Bethany has inspired millions of people about her story of faith and hope.                                          What I think of Bethany Hamilton!                          I think Bethany Strong hopeful person. She helps and cares about others. Before her attack all she cared about was surfing. To me she try’s to send a message to people saying to be strong, believe that you can do it, don’t give up and stay positive.

Literacy the ganesis story

On day one God created light.                                      On day two God created sky and land.                   On day three God created plants.                           On day four God created sun, moon and stars. On day five God created sea creatures.                    On day six God created land creatures.               On day seven God blessed the earth. 

The authors name is John Van Whye

Big idea wind power

*Wind power has been around for a long time.     *Wind power is energy such as electricity that is made by the wind.                                                        *Wind power will never run out. That means it helps global warming.                                                 *Wind power involves turning energy from the wind to make other useful energy.                           *Around 80 other countries use wind power to make electricity.                                                              *People use wind to make electricity.                     *Wind is caused by a big current all around the world.

100 word challenge

We arived at Brazil.                                                     We all got warmed up and we hard down to the soccer pitch. ” Hay little midget,” I here’d a voice coming from the opurset team. ” You should go back to the play house where you belong.” He continues. I just egnored him and walked away. But that’s what happens in Brizal when someone insults you. The Syrian goes as our team stials the ball. I yell for the ball. When Billy kicks it to me I shoot the first goal. The crowed went WILD as my team mates congratulates me. The Syrian goes for the end of the game. We won. 

The 7 sacraments



when the priest baptises you he puts water and oil on your hard.

baptism is the first sacrament 


when you enter the church the priest makes the sign of the cross.

the sacrament of reconciliation is that you confess your sins to God.


we believe in the real presents of Jesus who died for our sins.


after your Confomation you choose a st’s name to be your middle name.


in some catholic church’s they don’t let marriage in lent.

Anointing of the sick

A ritual is going to church to celebrate and focus on mental health.

Holy orders

holy orders is when a man has done all of the seven sacraments to become a priest.