106 word challenge

My name is Lilli. I am 10 years old. I live with my four brothers, three sisters, my mum and my dad. one day my mum asked my eldest sister Rose and I if we can deliver a box field with cupcakes to the bakery. My mum is a baker. As we were walking Rose had noticed that the box was moving and making a lot of funny noises. “What do you thinks in there.” “I don’t know. Hay why don’t you open it.” ” um, ok.” ” I have a feeling that something like a monster or something.”But when she opened the lid, it was just a kitten. 

One thought on “106 word challenge

  1. Hi Tayah,
    I think your 106 word challenge is really good but there is just
    one word wrong wich is just, and you spelt is as jest.
    Thanks Hannah!!! 🙂

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